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Being that she is now older, she knows how to wield her good looks as well of the curves she gracefully filled out. As a woman she knows just what her most powerful weapon is and tends to use it to get what she wants easily. Of course, not all fall into that trap and that's when she has to do a 180 and show off her much darker side, that being threats she intends to keep. Being a Puppeteer, it's natural for her to use fonons to direct Tokunaga seeing how a weapon is practically an extension of oneself. With all the threats of attack however, suddenly enlarging a puppet wouldn't be faster than a thrown dagger or a swift sword. Anise had taken up martial arts in self defense and attack and uses moves similar to Sync in style. Of course she prefers her puppet but this was to improve her response time to surprise attacks which tend to happen more often than not. Anise was lucky enough to move up in rank quickly after her position of Fon Master Guardian became obsolete. Being in cahoots with the Kimalscan Princess and the Emperor's best friend didn't hurt her standing either, with a different position, she became more involved in politics. Being that she had been under Mohs control before, other Maestros tried to pull the same trick as in holding her parents hostage to use against her, some even tried using Florian. Thankfully because of just how crazy things are, no one notices if a Maestro or two disappear.


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